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The Life Healers Way – to sorting it all out

What is Life Healing all about?

It’s about YOU, the way you are, the key influences and events in your life that have brought you to

where you are now and the way you would like your life to be. The important thing is to break through the layers of old conditioning and beliefs about how you should lead your life, identifying any problem areas and clearing out emotional clutter connected with them. Once that is achieved it is much easier to get back in touch with your authentic self , making healthy choices for yourself and creating a life you love.

Mind/Body Link

It is important to understand how your way of life and in particular your thoughts impact your body. You have probably heard sayings like you are what you eat, and there is no doubt that if you put good food with the right nutrients into your body, then it will thrive. In the same way you are what you think. Healthy positive thoughts bring joy and health to your body whereas negative, black thoughts bring depression and dis-ease. If this negativity goes on over a prolonged period, it can result in serious health problems. As an example, long held resentment and anger, as in something that is eating away at you, may result in cancer. At this point I like to use meditation and non-dominant hand drawing to get a clearer insight to any health issues. (if you are a Carer/Caregiver for an elderly or infirm relative take a look here)

Even if you do not know what old hurts or negative beliefs you may be carrying – meditating, listening to your own body’s messages and nourishing yourself with positive thought energy will bring good results.



Once back in touch with your whole self it is possible to start the releasing or clearing out process.  At some time everyone experiences resentment, bitterness, anger, hatred, and other similar emotions from events, people and situations that have occurred in their life. These are natural emotions and problems only start to arise when these emotions are held onto.  Seemingly terrible things do happen, and people can be cruel and unkind, but one thing is certain,  when people stay locked in these emotions unwilling to forgive, they are the only ones that suffer. Forgiveness is not always easy, but frees the soul and allows love to flow in. Forgiveness is a powerful healing tool, it does not condone what happened, it just releases the individual from continuing to be a victim.  Some people call this Feng Shui for the Soul.  One of the problems I find with most books, workshops and therapists is they ask you to forgive before you are ready.  Sometimes we are not ready to forgive just yet and if pushed to do so too soon will just undertake forgiveness as an intellectual exercise with no real substance or desired result.  When the time is right it will happen naturally.

Quite often the hardest person to forgive is ourselves!



It is so easy to focus on the negative aspects of our lives, the unfulfilled dreams, the lack of particular things we feel we need or should have. How often do we take time to think through all the wonderful and positive things we already have or experience. Having cleared out a lot of emotional clutter and negativity it is now easier to see that there are also good things in our lives that we want to keep.

It is one of the unwritten laws of the universe that what we focus on expands. The way to bring more good things into your life is to really appreciate and be grateful for those you already have. You will also notice if you practice gratitude how much lighter and happier you feel.

As a simple exercise before you go to sleep each night take a notebook and write down ten things that you are grateful for in your life. Don’t get too bogged down in what they are. For instance things like – a friend making you some coffee, a delivery turning up on time, as well as the more important things such as a home to live in, family, friends etc. When you start doing this you may feel you will not be able to come up with ten things, but as you start to write you will find that many more pop into your mind.  Give it a try.

By appreciating the good we already have in our lives we open ourselves up to receiving even more.



Clearing and releasing work is essential before setting your intentions with positive affirmations. Once we have cleared out your negativity and having clearly seen what you no longer want in your life and what your dreams, loves and wishes really are , you can confidently create affirmations to manifest these things in your life.

However, you can start working with positive affirmations now if you like. These are positive statements and are always in the present tense. Keep them simple and personal to you, do not make affirmations for others apart from wishing them well.  Below is an affirmation to cover what has been discussed above. Say it to yourself, say it whilst looking at yourself in the mirror and say it out loud with open arms if you feel so inclined.

If you would like to read more about affirmations and how to create your own then just follow this link. Creating Positive Affirmations.

Today I choose to see my life for the wonderful gift that it is. I love and accept myself exactly as I am. I make choices that are right for me and healthy for my body.


Understanding Affirmations

                      An affirmation is a declarative statement that something is so. Affirmations can be created and applied to all areas of life, regardless of current appearances. In order for affirmations to bring into being dramatic changes in your life, you must believe they work.  In affirming, affirmations represent the inner truth and not necessarily statements of outer reality. The goal is to repeat these statements with the intense feelings you would be experiencing in actuality were the conditions already true in the outer life. Some guidelines for creating affirmations include:

~ Use action words.

~ Always affirm in the present tense.

~ Be positive, never negative.

~ Make personal statements, using "me", "my", "I", or even your name.

~ State the affirmation as though it has already been accomplished.

~ Change yourself, not other people.

~ Do not make comparisons with others.

~ Stretch the boundaries while still being realistic.

Affirmations aren't that difficult to understand. The three sections of the mind are the subconscious, conscious and superconscious.

     The subconscious is like power without direction; it is similar to steam or electricity and it does what it is directed to do with no power of induction. Whatever a person feels deeply or images clearly is impressed upon this part of the mind and carried out in detail. A negative example would be a person who believes that he or she will always be alone. From this part of the mind life experiences are impressed and carried out, thereby leaving the individual in a state of aloneness perpetually.

     The conscious mind is the mortal or carnal mind. Here, life is seen as it appears to be. The conscious mind envisions limitation and lack, poverty, death, disaster, and sickness and it impresses it upon the subconscious.

     Within each human being lies the superconscious mind, which is the God Mind in each of us and the realm of perfect ideas. Within it lies the "Divine Design" for each person. "There is a place that you are to fill and no one else can fill, something you are to do, which no one else can do." The Divine Design usually flashes across the conscious part of the mind as something unattainable, an ideal - "something too good to be true." In reality, it is man's true destiny flashed to him from the Infinite Intelligence which is within himself.  Affirmations bring about one's Divine Destiny by stretching the boundaries of "what is" to "what is meant to be and can be."

     In using affirmations, one should always follow intuition or "hunches" for that is often the manner in which manifestation of affirmations is brought about. An intuitive thought to have more money would bring about a hunch to either spend money while affirming, to go to a particular place, or to do a specific thing. When one affirms a new reality, one also must cosign that affirmation in an act of faith. An example would be affirming that one has a new home, and then having a hunch to purchase some item for the new home. Another would be affirming divine supply, and then having an intuitive idea to either spend the money one has in a specific manner or to give money. One cannot affirm without acting in faith in conjunction with the belief and expect the affirmation to change one's reality. Faith and action go hand-in-hand.

     Another strong factor in affirming is to not desire what isn't good for all involved. One should always include in their affirmations statements such as: "under grace in a perfect way" or "this or something better", which then allows affirmations to manifest while also not steering them in a harmful manner or limiting results to something minor when in fact we can manifest something better suited to us or more abundant.



Some ideas on beginning affirmations are:

~ I forgive...

~ I release...

~ My life is...

~ I am...

~ I feel...

~ I manifest...


A very well-known metaphysician was Florence Scovel Shinn. In her books, "The Game of Life", "The Power of the Spoken Word", "Your Word is Your Wand", and "The Secret of Success", among others, Shinn provides innumerable examples of different affirmations that can be applied to change all areas of life from what it is into what it could be. Many of these are listed below. By continually reapplying and reaffirming the affirmations, the opposite condition of what one affirms is eliminated in varying lengths of time according to the intensity of one's beliefs, and manifests what is better.  Following are some of her affirmations.

Infinite Spirit, open the way for great abundance for ________.  She is an irresistible magnet for all that belongs to her by divine right.

Today is a day of completion; I give thanks for this perfect day, miracle shall follow miracle and wonders shall never cease.

Infinite Intelligence, give me the right _____, equally as charming as this, the ________ which is mine by divine right.

Divine order is now established in my mind, body, and affairs. I see clearly and act quickly and my greatest expectations come to pass in a miraculous way.

I am always under direct inspiration; I make right decisions, quickly.

 Infinite Spirit, open the way for the Divine Design of my life to manifest; let the genius within me now be released; let me see clearly the perfect plan.

I am fully equipped for the Divine Plan for my life.

Infinite Spirit, open the way for my right home, my right friend, my right position. I give thanks it now manifests under grace in a perfect way.

(For prosperity) God is my unfailing supply, and large sums of money come to me quickly, under grace, in perfect ways.

(For right conditions) Divine Love now dissolves and dissipates every wrong condition in my mind, body and affairs. Divine Love is the most powerful chemical in the universe, and dissolves everything which is not of itself!

(For health) Divine Love floods my consciousness with health, and every cell in my body is filled with light.

(For guidance) I am divinely sensitive to my intuitive leads, and give instant obedience to Thy will.

(For Right Work) I have a perfect work in a perfect way; I give a perfect service for perfect pay.

The decks are now cleared for Divine Action and my own comes to me under grace in a magical way.

My seeming impossible good now comes to pass, the unexpected now happens!

Endless good now comes to me in endless ways.

I give thanks for my whirlwind success. I sweep all before me for I work with the Spirit and follow the Divine Plan of my life.

I am awake to my good, and gather in the harvest of endless opportunities.



"If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you."
-- Louise Hay





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