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Samantha M. White

Someone to Talk To –

A Life of Peace, Purpose, and Joy

Samantha M. White, MSW, LICSW is a licensed independent clinical social worker and the author of the book Someone to Talk To: Finding Peace, Purpose, and Joy After Tragedy and Loss; A Recipe for Healing from Trauma and Grief. In the book, she describes with compelling narrative how she came to her profession first as a client in therapy, working to heal and transform her grief following the traumatizing death of her daughter.

At the time of Becca’s death, Samantha was still reeling from the painful end of her marriage due to her husband’s mental illness, followed by the betrayal of the next man she loved and expected to marry. The violent manner in which her daughter’s life was brought to a horrific and tragic end precipitated Samantha’s own emotional and physical collapse. Her book recounts in short, engaging, easy-to-read chapters how her anguish took over her mind and body, emerging as physical illness which she overcame to create a new, joyful, and purposeful life that honors the memory of her daughter.

“The recipe I created and followed for my healing,” she writes, “when I felt broken and without much reason to live, has only five ingredients. . . . As with any recipe, this one can be customized . . . to create a recipe that works for you.”

 Readers seeking inspiration and hope, after reading Someone to Talk To, have said, “If she could get through that, then I know I can get through anything.”

Excerpted from some of the reviews of Someone to Talk To:

“ . . . a critical, loving, must-read recipe for healing and moving on.” Shawn LaTorre, for Story Circle Book Reviews.


". . . an inspirational memoir . . . touching and poignant reading, very much recommended for those who have lost what they hold dear." Midwest Book Review


"I highly recommend this as a good book for anyone who has experienced loss and is grieving (and) for therapists to recommend." Rev. Susan Flemr



" . . beautifully written and touching. I highly recommend it. " Martie Dumas, Psychotherapist and Author.



“Inspiring and helpful – recommend for book clubs!”  Jeanette P. Gallagher, Author and Certified Life, Wellness & Business Coach


This book is for anyone seeking inspiration following loss – of a child, a job, a home, a spouse, a pet – illness, or defeat. Also a great read for those who enjoy true stories of personal triumph.

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