There are basically two kinds of peace: external and internal.

External peace is outside of us and has to do with harmony between people. Thus when two or more nations cooperate with one another and are not at war, we say they are at peace. When different classes of people having different religions, or different languages and culture, or different races and colors work together without conflict, we say they are at peace. And when individuals, like husband and wife, or parents and children, or brothers and sisters, relative and neighbors, respect one another and get along together, again we say they are living in peace.

Internal peace is different. Here the absence of conflict and the presence of tranquility are inside of us. Thus we are at peace within our hearts. We are interiorly at peace with others when we hold no grudge against them, no ill feeling or when they do not disturb us. We are finally at peace with ourselves when the two parts of our being, the higher and the lower, are in harmony; when our desires do not exceed our needs; when our passions are responsive to reason and our freedom is in control; when our conduct agrees with our conscience and our conscience is in alignment with God (as we understand our God).

In order to attain external peace we must first start within ourselves and develop inner peace within our minds and hearts.

External peace is the effect of internal peace. Without the one, the other is impossible. There cannot be agreement between people unless there is first tranquility within people. We project what we are, and we produce only what we personally have. If we are at peace within, we shall be at peace with others; no more and no less. Hence the first conclusion we may draw from our reflections so far; Be at peace inside your own heart; otherwise, you will never be truly at peace with others or, what is less obvious, they cannot be with you.





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