Alan Cohen



Relax into Wealth
How to Get More by Doing Less

In this definitive guide to building inner and outer wealth, Alan demonstrates the intrinsic link between passion, authenticity, and prosperity. He shows that nothing pays like . . . being yourself. While most prosperity or success books are formula driven, Relax into Wealth  is people-driven. Alan shares many true stories of successful people he has encountered, including celebrities, Midas-touch entrepreneurs, shuttle-bus drivers, and wide-eyed children. This book can be life-changing as you discover that ease, flow, and self-care will get you what you want far more effectively than struggle, strain, or self-denial.  Penetrating exercises bring these lessons home and show you how to get tangible results far more easily than you have thought.




Why Your Life Sucks

. . . and What You Can Do About It


 An awesome, in-your-face but straight-to-the-heart guide that will show you how to reverse unhappy patterns and get

a life that rocks. Drawing from his experience counseling and coaching thousands, Alan identifies ten basic reasons you may

feel stuck, and illuminates ways to reverse them.  Ten easy-reading, no-nonsense chapters, with liberal doses of

humor and plenty of how to examples.  Also helpful if you have a good life and want to make it better.

A positive, uplifting journey. #1 Shaker and Mover     







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